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Party Deposit

Party Deposit

If you spoke to Pete or Kelsey and want to pay the deposit for your upcoming party, this is the item for you!

Be sure to ask for your deposit gift card when you get to the party.  It's just like a Starbucks card, but a Professor Thom's version.  You can use it towards your tab the night of your party, you can give it as a fantastic gift to a loved one, you can raffle it off for a good cause - whatever you want, its yours!

All deposits are 100% non-refundable for any cancellations whatsoever.  Basically, we stop taking offers on the space once you put down the deposit, so if you decide at the last minute that you'd rather have people over at your house then come to Thom's, unfortunately we can't return your deposit. 

Price: $100.00 ea.

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